Fujimiya Aya (fujimiya_abyssi) wrote in white_cross,
Fujimiya Aya

I guess that whole "posting more" thing didn't seem to work out for me, huh? Sorry. ^^;

I really don't think I'm fit for the title of "co-owner," and my love for Weiss Kreuz has been fading rapidly throughout the year also - don't get me wrong, I still enjoy RP'ing Ran a lot. But I'm don't think I should stay in the comm. as I'm not very good at maintaining and sticking to something for a long time, so it seems.

I'm sorry. Sakura and Schuldig RP'er - would you like to take over the community? You may turn down if you like, it's your choice. But we [ Anne, myself ] think you two would probably be the best for this, seeing that not many others have been active. Please comment if you'd like to take over. We won't leave the community completely until there is one or two mods.

So...this is a goodbye coming from Yolanda and Anne. <3 We're sorry about being such sucky~ness mods, I hope this community won't die completely.
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