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White Cross

Weiss Kreuz RPG

Weiss Kreuz RPG
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white_cross is a RPG community for the anime Weiss Kreuz. please read the following information before joining.

[ .rules. ]

: players can post whenever they want to, but at least two times a month so we know you're alive. (changed the rules a little, because we're lazy)

: players must have a separate ljournal for their character

: yaoi is allowed, although yuri is not. we may consider allowing it in the near future. some het pairings are also allowed. please contact one of the mods if you have an idea for a pairing.

: please, no graphic sexual postings in your characters journals. but, you may mention of the character's experiences, but no details.

: do not hold a grudge against a player because of their characters words, unless you are personally threatened/harassed by one of the players. please tell us as soon as possible if anything of the sort is occured.

: when you want to filter something, please don't actually put the filter on. just put the filter as the title so that everyone will be able to read it. if you have any comments for this entry, then please comment OOC and not as your character for this entry may be filtered private.


[filter: private]

[filter: private (Yohji and Nagi only)]
in this case above, that means that only Yohji and Nagi in the rpg will be able to see the entry and comment to it with approval.

: check to see if the character you want to play is taken yet.

: character development is a strong suggest!

: still interested? go ahead and e-mail yoliness@msn.com and/or shattered__@hotmail.com with an application[see below] to join! and have fun!

: if you find anyone breaking the rules[see above], please contact one of the moderators ASAP.

[ .application. ]

: your name/nickname
: your ljournal username(if you do not have one, please tell us)
: character you are interested in playing
: character's ljournal username
: sample entry (in journal format)

[ .moderator. ]

: anne
ljournal - forbidding
msn - shattered__@hotmail.com
aim - kokoro kitai (mostly on msn)

: yolanda/yoli
ljournal - disparue
msn - yoliness@msn.com
aim - forsaken haze (mostly on msn)

[ .characters. ]


: Ran Fujimiya
player - disparue
character lj - fujimiya_abyssi

: Ken Hidaka
player - forbidding
character lj - hidaka_siberian

: Omi Tsukiyono
player - ryuuen (no lj)
character lj - bombay_neko

: Yohji Kudou
player - N/A
character lj - N/A
[take home a kitten]


: Brad Crawford
player - N/A
character lj - N/A
[take home a kitten]

: Schuldig
player - star_of_heaven
character lj - herr_schuldig

: Naoe Nagi
player - amethystduckie
character lj - chibi_prodigy

: Farfarello
player - N/A
character lj - N/A
[take home a kitten]


: Tot
player - N/A
character lj - N/A
[take home a kitten]


: Manx
player - N/A
character lj - N/A
[take home a kitten]

: Birman
player - N/A
character lj - N/A
[take home a kitten]


: Aya-chan
player - N/A
character lj - N/A
[take home a kitten]

: Sakura Tomoe
player - gangstavidel
character lj - cherried_one